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This is probably my most strategic and in depth post I’ve ever shared for influencer growth.

Let’s be real; if you are aspiring to become an influencer today your chosen social Media platform requires you to consistently post fresh, new, engaging content in order to grow.

But the problem that so many aspiring influences come across is that they are tirelessly creating content but struggling to make an impact.

And here is why…

The Problem: Working Harder, Not Smarter

It could be because you’re only making one piece of content from each of your ideas, so you’re not only giving yourself more work but also missing out on a huge trick that most successful content creators are using in order to grow and attract new audiences, whilst simultaneously strengthening the engagement and community of their existing audience. 

As an influencer coach I teach my aspiring influencer students the 3-4-1 Content Funnel Strategy; which is all about nurturing your following, reaching new accounts, and never running out of content ideas.

The 3-4-1 Method Explained

Here’s what you’re going to do next time you get an amazing content idea you can’t wait to post about.

For every post concept you come up with, you should be creating three forms of content (or posts from that one idea). I designed this strategy off the back of how a marketing funnel works (the idea that to attract buyers for your business they need to first know you, then like you, then trust you in order to buy from you).  I reverse engineered it so influencers can use it to:  attract (know you), interest (like you), and nurture (trust you) new followers into die-hard fans.

Why the funnel strategy works:

The funnel is made of three parts, each part being a different type of content or post you make in order to serve a different person in your audience depending on when they arrived into your world (aka started following you).

This method is critical to, not just follower growth, (which is what we all want ofc) but actually growing your influence over your audience. Because don’t forget, just because someone follows you doesn’t mean they care about you or you have any influence over them. 

You need to create content that nurtures them once they hit that follow button in order to keep your community strong, and you influential.

The 3 types of content you need to be posting:

  • The Bottom Funnel Reel:
    • This is your longest, most in-depth piece of content. 
    • It could be a 60+ second chatty reel talking about a topic close to your heart or an experience, storytelling vlog with voiceover, or detailed tutorial packed with value and insight into not just your chosen niche but your POV and perspective.
    • This won’t be your best performing content but it’s for the most engaged followers who already know, like and trust you as an influencer and those that you want to convert to true fans.
  • The Middle Funnel Reel:
    • Take your original video and cut it down to 10-30 seconds, adding text overlays for topline value.
    • This could be a quick recipe or mini tutorial or a GRWM where you don’t show all the steps, just a few parts of the process and the finished result. 
    • This content has value but it’s not got your whole personality or picture  poured into it which makes it enjoyable for a wider audience and helps new followers like you because you are providing them with some value
  • The Top Funnel Reel:
    • Use 5-6 seconds of the video’s most aesthetic, eye-catching clip or final results from your longer content and add a line of relatable, inspirational or a valuable take away from your longer video in a short compelling sentence aka a “hook” and add it as text overlay to your short reel.
    • This content doesn’t need to be a complicated or fancy edit because the text overlay and trending sound are doing the legwork for you. But ensure the clip you choose is visually engaging and high quality 
    • This is your growth and attract content and is likely to get the highest views and reach to entice new followers to come and check out your profile

Example in Action:

Let’s say your niche is travel, and you’re creating a review style vlog of a ski trip you are on.  You’d film all the clips you wanted to include in your travel experience video post (your bottom funnel post) and then create:

  • A longer, detailed video showing the entire experience (resort, dining, partying, skiing), your perspective and thoughts (BF)
  • A medium-length edit with clips that might hone is on and highlight one element of the experience like the skiing aspects (MF)
  • A short, low-effort video that uses a captivating piece of footage, like you whizzing past the camera on skis or clinking glasses with a friend during apres ski hour + the POV relatable text overlay. 

Why This Method Works:

This method allows you to make your ideas and content you’ve shot go further (saving you time and energy) whilst ensuring that your content reaches new followers for growth and nurturing the existing ones into a community that is invested in you and your content.

The Secret to Growing Your Influence:

Having a strategic content funnel is crucial. It takes your audience on a journey from not knowing who you are to being influenced by you (and buying things you recommend). This strategy includes creating top funnel content to attract people, mid funnel content for brand positioning and relationship building, and bottom funnel content for direct and indirect selling.

Remember, being an influencer is about brand strategy, your personal brand strategy and this method is what grows your audiences and influence effectively and long-term.

In the Influencer Biz Academy, I set my students the task of applying the 3-4-1 content funnel strategy exercise, and now I’m setting it for you too. Implementing the 3-4-1 Method will revolutionise the way you create content and build your community.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful, and follow along for more creator advice like this! 

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