3 Big Mistakes Keeping You from Landing 5K Months as an Influencer (and How to Fix Them)

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If you’ve been on the journey to monetise your content and turn your passion into a full-time gig, I know how hard you’re working and I know it feels like an uphill struggle (especially when you’re still juggling that 9-5 and trying to squeeze in *all the things* on your weekends or after hours).

I’ve seen too many talented content creators miss out on incredible opportunities due to a few common misconceptions or mistakes they are making. In this blog post, I’m going to chat through the three biggest mistakes that might be holding you back from those coveted 5K months and landing consistent paid brand partnerships that will fast-forward you to resignation day, and more importantly, the actionable steps to help you overcome them.

Mistake #1: Chasing the Myth of 10K Followers

You’ve probably heard the age-old belief that you need a milestone following, of say 10,000 followers, to start earning a decent income from brand partnerships. Let me debunk this myth right away. The truth is, followers don’t equate to earning potential. What truly matters is your ability to build a community that you can influence. Instead of chasing follower counts, focus on creating authentic connections with your audience. Engage, communicate, and provide value AND sprinkle your lovely personality throughout everything you post to really solidify an audience that gives a sh*t. Most creators approaching me for help has good followings but they aren’t monetising and thats because they have followers not a community. A loyal, engaged community of 1,000 followers can be far more valuable than a passive 10,000.

Which leads me to my next point…

“A follower gained is not necessarily a follow you can influence.”

Mistake #2: Viral Obsession and Burnout

If you are tirelessly chasing virality, hoping that one viral post will make you an overnight sensation and brands will start knocking down you’re door for collabs you ARE MISTAKEN. It’s time to shift your perspective. While viral content might get you a momentary spike in followers, it won’t necessarily attract your dream brands or lead to sustainable income because you can’t sell to people that followed you on a whim. A follower gained is not necessarily a follow you can influence. What you need is a well-thought-out content strategy. Craft content that aligns with your niche, showcases your expertise, and resonates with your audience’s interests. This approach saves you from burnout and positions you as a valuable partner for brands seeking genuine connections.

Mistake #3: Hobby Mindset vs. Business Approach

One of the most significant mistakes stopping you from earning good money from brand collabs is not treating your content creation like a legitimate business. Your efforts deserve more than a hobbyist’s attention if you want to go full time as an influencer. Brands are looking for solutions to their marketing goals, and you can be that solution. Building relationships and sending well-crafted pitches supported by data and insights will set you apart. Gather social proof, create brand-focused content, and position yourself as the answer to their needs. Remember, professionalism opens doors to profitable partnerships. And the good news is this doesn’t actually mean MORE WORK it just means doing more of the right things that will move the needle for you.

So, What Should You Start Doing Today?

  1. Build a Community, Not Just a Following: Focus on building meaningful connections and engagement within your niche. Quality trumps quantity.
  2. Create a Content Strategy Not a Plan: Craft a content strategy that showcases your expertise, resonates with your audience, and aligns with your brand’s goals.
  3. Pitch with Purpose: Approach brands with well-researched, objective pitches that highlight your ability to solve their problems and meet their campaign goals.

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