5 New Effective Strategies to Take Your IG from Zero to Your First 10k Followers

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Ever feel like as an aspiring influencer you’re pouring your heart into your Instagram, but your engagement is in the 🚽 and growth? You don’t know her 😑

No matter how often you post…?

No matter how long you take perfecting your reels…?

No matter what latest IG trend or hack you jump on…?

It’s like your influencer dream feels like a 24 hour hour treadmill session without the any of the calorie burning or health benefits.

It doesn’t help that there is a lot of instagram growth “advice” out there, you know the ones (“the hook that got me 100k views” or “use this trending audio to blow up your account”). And a lot of those well loved “tried & tested” strategies your using (the ones that blew up other influencers accounts) they are no longer bringing in the same sort of results or they aren’t showing the whole picture. 

In today’s blog post I’m sharing 5 outdated strategies and mistakes that no longer work if you want to turn your Instagram into a profitable and magnetic influencer brand and biz. 

And what you should be doing instead to refresh your strategy for 2024 so you can finally hit the big 10k!

Your 2024 Strategy Switch Up

Old Strategy: Relying solely on trending reels

YES, reels are still essential to growth on instagram but relying on short, 5-10 seconds reels with a trending audio slapped on is not their way to grow and engage a community. If you rely on this content format too much you’ll probably find that you’re getting spikes in followers but superficial engagement from them which will reduce your engagement rate which is a key metric for monetisation!

New Strategy: A diverse content strategy

Yes, lead with a reel-first strategy but you need to incorporate a mix of reels varying in length, depth and format alongside , stories, and carousel posts. This variety not only boosts your visibility but also helps in building a stronger community because you have more opportunity to create content that resonates and shows your authentic self and story.

Showing that you are a persona of influence and should be taken seriously as an influencer.

2. Old Strategy: Trying to fit into an existing niche

Okay so you might be thinking wait, you are always telling us we need to niche down to grow our socials Emily. And yes you absolutely do but in order to stand out in a vast sea of other creators in your niche you need to do more than select a niche, otherwise you risk staying invisible!

New Strategy: Carve out your unique niche within your personal brand.

Niching down within yourself aka making sure that whatever niche you choose you are creating content through your unique lens on that topic is how you make sure your content isn’t lost amongst your competitors! . It’s about finding that sweet spot where your passions and unique perspectives will fast track you from generic content creator to a legit person of influence online. 

3. Old Strategy: Posting consistently, 7 days a week in order to grow 

Everyone will tell you need to post consistently in order to grow and whilst this advice is true, what’s the point in posting consistently if it’s not working and you’re getting burned out? Sorry to break it to you but if you’re throwing any old thing up to check a box to say you’re “being consistent” then you’re missing the point of being consistent, entirely and you’re risking wasting a lot of time when you could be making your content work smarter for you..

New Strategy: Focus on Quality Over Quantity

If you want to make every post count, ensuring that it resonates with your followers 

stop posting without a strategy.

Sure it’s easy to find a trending tips and tricks post, and reverse engineer it to your own niche but this isn’t a strategy and your content will continue to only scratch the surface when it comes to reaching a wider audience. 

Instead investing a little more time on say 3 or 4 posts a week is going to have a much bigger impact if you are creating authentic POV content instead of just regurgitating trends or posting whatever takes your fancy that day.

This way your content will engage your followers and attract new ones, leading to more meaningful growth on your platform. 

Which leads me to my next point…

4. Old Strategy: Creating & posting content on the fly around our 9-5

I get it, juggle a full time job, your life outside work and your content creation can be stressful! But the mistakes aspiring influencers often make is getting burnt out because they are creating and posting on the go which  not only leads to feeling like it’s impossible to stay consistent when posting to grow their account but also lacks the strategy you need in order to grow and attract new followers.

The truth is there’s enough time to get all this down and live your life here’s how…

New Strategy: Content batching and scheduling guided by insights

 A well-thought-out content plan that you batch create and edit in a few sessions a week ensures consistency and takes away the stress of last-minute posting, especially when you’re juggling a 9-5 and still growing your account. 

Being able to plan ahead also means you can use your insights to guide your content strategy and make more of what is working on your IG whilst giving your audience more of what they want..

5. Old Strategy: Solely relying on brand partnerships for monetization

When you first start out as an influencer we are all aiming for our first paid brand collab. It’s a sign that we’ve finally made it and it can feel like our content and profile has the seal of approval. But In 2024 relying solely on Brand partnerships means you are missing other ways you can monetise your content, and move closer to that time freedom and financial stability  even as a nano influencer.

New Strategy: Diversify your revenue streams

Whilst an engaged audience will attract brand partnerships it’s also an opportunity to create revenue directly from your followers themselves! This can look like subscription newsletters, substacks, digital products and guides related to your niche that solve your followers’ problems As well as selling your content on brands without posting on your IG at all (aka UGC).

Doing this will empower you to ramp up your earnings as a creator and reach your dreams of finally handing in the letter of resignation! 

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