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A little about me; I live in East London, I’m an Aries and my passionate points are mental health, wellness, female entrepreneurship a well as lifestyle themes like beauty & skincare, interiors, travel & food. I love exploring ways we can LeVeL uP our self-care, business management and style. My journey has taken me from a Journalism degree, Marketeer and Agent in the Fashion Industry to a Youtuber, Presenter, Creative Director and Instagram Influencer alongside a whole host of other things (many fingers, many pies).

Content Creator & Influencer

Starting out under the alias Style Lobster, my content began with all things beauty blogging and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Fast forward 5 years and my content themes have expanded to focus on Lifestyle, Sexual Wellness, Mental Health, Female Empowerment & Business. I work with brands on consultancy, panel talks and presenting roles as well as brand campaigns. As my personal brand moves into its 6th year I continue to forge genuine and mutually beneficial partnerships with well-matched brands.

The total honesty and transparency, the positive outlook on life and her dedication to the industry.”


The She Brief

The idea for creating The She Brief came to me in 2019 when I found my followers were increasingly coming to me for advice on business, money management, empowerment and mental health. For me, all of these things are divinely interwoven. During 2020 with a global pandemic underway and ever-increasing distance and loneliness between colleagues and friends, redundancies and lack of fulfilment and disillusion I decided to forge ahead and create a platform full of resources that could help womxn level up their mental health, wellness, money and business ambitions. And so, The She Brief was born. Launching March 2021, see more here.


“She is open, honest and real about her life as a young female making it in the world. I feel (as a young woman who has no desire whatsoever to live a fast-paced life in London) that she illustrates perfectly how life is exactly what you make it. I also love that she is extremely candid, and rarely embarrassed by it! Could do with more young people living their lives that way.”


Talent Management

Prior to becoming a full-time content creator, I cut my talent management fangs in the Fashion Photography industry at a talent agency, managing hair and makeup artists. I believe this job really helped shape the success of the first few years as a full-time content creator and influencer with me hitting my first 6-figure turnover after two years full-time. I continue to manage a small roster of Influencers’ careers and brand collaborations. 

“She just feels so genuine and relatable. Never just shares the highs but talks about her lows and her struggles which is appreciated. Also, look is on point, always.”


“She is actually the only influencer that has answered to my messages on Instagram. That shows that she does care about engaging with the followers. Absolutely love her style and she has a very different vibe from all the others to be honest. I really like her unapologetic personally, very straightforward, funny and relatable. The content is always useful and never boring!”


Want to work with me? Get in touch me@emilyvalentine.co

Testimonials from you guys

 “She’s completely raw and real. So many people are fake nowadays and it’s nice to see such a genuine person who does what makes her feel good and doesn’t give a shit about what other people think! She’s a proper boss lady.” @Jadelarking

 “You’re opinionated and that makes you stand out amongst the crowd, and makes people trust your opinion. You do you your own thing regardless of the trends (not just fashion related) . You’re very funny don’t take yourself too seriously but you work your ass off and I think that makes people connect with you. I also think you give a remarkably honest and all-round impression of yourself which I can only imagine must be sometimes difficult to do online.”  @wise_to_the_world

“Basically SL honesty, humor and the video/film are on point and on trend. Although, I’m double your age I find that most of your style choices translate to any age group. Simple feminine style that is timeless. Appreciate all that you do.” @bijouxbar.club

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