5 Brand Event Networking Tips to Get You Noticed (and booked) by brands

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In the bustling world of influencer marketing, attending brand events is more than just a social call – it’s the PERFECT opportunity to set the stage for your future paid collaborations. 

And when you’re a newbie influencer already receiving gifting the next step forward is usually getting invited to PR and brand events.

So before I dive into the key networking tips in order to get you noticed and paid collabs with these brands let me quickly tell you about the kind of brand events that influencers get invited to.

Brand events can look like literally anything from the more flashy, intimate kind of events like private dinners and influencer trips away to brand activations to events where you take part in an activity or receive a service – all laid on by the brand. Then there are the more mundane events like open days and press days where you walk around a showroom looking at what the agency or brands are offering this year. 

The purpose of brand events is to showcase what the brand is launching or doing right now in their marketing calendar in the hope that they encourage influencers to get to know and love their products and post about them on their socials.

NB: It might take a while to work up to getting press trips and dinners but the quickest way to do this is to attend the smallest or less exciting events to start that relationship!

Navigating brand events for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. But don’t worry I gotchu! With these practical tips, you’ll transform each event into a career-boosting experience that’s fun and builds your brand network rapidly:

1. RSVP ‘Yes’ to every invite

In the early days of building your influencer brand  embracing every invitation is vital.Whether it’s a small press day or a grand launch, being present puts you directly in front of the people behind those emails. This was KEY for me in my early influencer days (before I went ft!) because it meant that I was front of their mind when they went to cast their next paid campaigns.  And when I did finally go full time, I had a lot of established relationships primed to collaborate. 

2. Master the Art of Networking

Building connections with both brands and other creators is key at events. Forging friendships with other influencers gives you a buddy for future events but also helps you expand your network and get noticed by more brands.

Engage with Brand Reps & PRs

Aim to have meaningful conversations with at least two brand team members. Show genuine interest, ask insightful questions, and share a bit about your unique approach as an influencer. Learn how they prefer to work with influencers, gaining valuable insights into their campaign strategies. Don’t just talk about yourself! I see so many influencers do this and it’s just bad social etiquette!|

4. Follow-Up Post-Event

Send a thoughtful thank-you email within 24 hours of the event. Compliment them on the event’s success and mention specific aspects or products that stood out to you. This gesture helps solidify your connection and keeps you on their radar.

5. Prioritise attending events 

I get it, juggling a full-time job with influencer activities can be challenging. I remember scheduling breakfasts, lunches, and after-work gatherings around my 9-5 to ensure that, once I transitioned to full-time influencing, I was already a familiar face. It’s about prioritising your influencer goals and making time for these crucial networking opportunities.  If you want this influencer life enough – you’ll make time fr it!

influencer networking tips at brand events

Networking at brand events is more than just showing up and being offered “nice things”; it’s about strategically placing yourself in the right conversations, fostering genuine connections, and maintaining those relationships post-event. Implement these tips at your next brand event and watch how much of an impact it has in fast racking your career to full time status! 

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll share insider secrets on how to get invited to these exclusive brand events when you first start out.

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