How to make 5k a month from brand collabs

| Creator Economy

let’s break it down 👉🏼


If you’re one of my newsletter subscribers then you’ll know from me sliding into your inbox on a weekly basis my name is Emily Valentine and I’ve been an influencer and influencer talent manager for 7+ years and I’m now an influencer coach who gives PT content creators the roadmap to fast track to becoming a full time influencer.

And I know SO many of you are at the content creator side hustle stage, not quite at the full time, fully-paid up influencer stage. So let’s reverse engineer together how we can get you to £5k months, in 3 steps, so you can quit your job and FINALLY take your content creation gig full time.

To make 5k a month from brand collabs you could either:

1. Land 10 deals at roughly £500 each

OR 2. you could land 5 deals at roughly £1000 each.

Now you’re probably thinking it’ll be easier to land 10 deals at £500 a week because more brands will be up for paying you that lower rate- but you’d be mistaken.

Think about it- In order to land 10 deals, you’re gonna have to do sooo much more pitching, look over double the contracts, come up with double to amount of content ideas and go through the back and forth with 10 brands which will take you a looooong time. Not to mention actually making the content for 10 different brands is gonna be a slog, especially if you’re still at your job and just doing this on the weekends.

SO let’s say you want to land 5 deals at $1000- here’s what you’re gonna do.

Assuming you’re already in conversation with some brands as you’re already doing content creation/influencing on the side, for the next 5 brands that come to you asking for rates, you’re gonna do this:


1. You’re not gonna send your rates blind. Instead you’re gonna say “every rate package I create is unique depending on what the brand requires, so it’s best to let me know what you’re looking for so I can advise you”– that way you’re not getting tied into a deal with god knows what included for a flat fee. There will be room to get you up to that £1000 mark.


Once they come back to you with what it is that they want, this is where you can upsell them to try and get your deal to that higher rate of £1000 so that you’re meeting your goal. For example, if they want one long reel, ask them if they also require shorter edited down versions of that reel with music instead of VoiceOver (this is an upsell). Ask them if they would like it re posted on your TikTok as well (upsell via cross promotion).

How about you talking on stories and adding direct to website product links for more traffic? Make sure when you’re doing this, you’re making it clear to the brand why they should do this- will it be more cost effective for them? Will it be more effective for sales if you’re also talking about the product on your stories because that’s where your audience are super engaged? Make sure to convey the value you’ll give to them, not just the deliverable pieces of content.


This is a great way to bump up the price of the deals you land, and seeing as you’re shooting content with that brand’s products anyway, it shouldn’t take you too much extra time- whether it’s photo or a mini video, always ask the brand if they want any UGC for their own branded channels.


And finally make sure you are charging correctly for usage- this is where SO many newbie influencers miss out and why they struggle to take things full time. Brands want usage more and more these days so they can be even more targeted with their promotional content. You need to know what the usage period is and what their ad spend will be, you MUST know this information to make sure you’re getting paid correctly and can charge accordingly.

Once you start doing these 4 things within the existing relationships you have with brands, you’ll go from just landing a few hundred dollars here and there from tons of brands, to actually earning a substantial amount, £1000 and above for each deal you land. 

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And THIS is how you go full time as an influencer, not from getting more followers, or getting more interest from more brands, but from treating your influencer career like a real BUSINESS, setting that financial goal, breaking down the steps to getting there and then negotiating like a BOSS to make sure you hit it.