Gifted collabs are great but…Don’t let these opportunities pass you by

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Subject A: The biggest mistake you’re making as a new influencer

Subject B: Gifted collabs are great but…

Preview text: Don’t let these opportunities pass you by

Hey, (name)!

I know how exciting it can be to receive gifts from brands, especially if they’re a bucket list, dream brand.✨

But if there’s one thing I can tell you as someone that’s been on both sides of the industry- as an influencer and a talent manager:

The more you continue to accept free products in exchange for making free content for brands, without doing the 3 things listed below the more they are going to expect that they can get away with not paying you. 🤦‍♀️

That’s a fact. 

99% of the time, brands are putting feelers out to test the waters and see if influencers will make content and drive interest in exchange for products BEFORE offering a paid collab.

That’s just the way it is.

But it doesn’t mean that…

  1. You have to immediately shut down the conversation
  2. You can’t be strategic and use the opportunity to turn it into a paid campaign

And I’m going to show you how.

STEP 1: The next time you have a brand reaching out to you I want you to tell them that you absolutely love the product and you are happy to receive gifting, however, without a budget you cannot guarantee coverage on your platforms.

But don’t hit send just yet!

Then you’re going to open up the dialogue and ask these questions:

Whilst we are chatting I’d love to understand more about how [Brand] likes to work with influencers and when you are recruiting for your next influencer campaign? This will help me generate some organic interest around your brand and warm up my audience. 

I’d love to update you on how that goes along with some ideas around what I can do for you to help you reach your influencer marketing goals this quarter. Does that work for you?

You’re probably like: “I could say this?” 🤯

Of course you can, (name)! 

STEP 2: Once you’ve received your product include it in three different pieces of organic content in this specific order:

  1. Use it / try it on camera. Don’t talk about it but tag the brand in the story and drag their tag off screen so it’s not visible – they’ll get notified that you did some organic content – wait 2 days
  2. Naturally slip into stories of how much you are loving XXX product and why it’s incredible. Tag the brand visibly this time – wait 2 days
  3. Create a story post with you wearing or using the product again. Include this text: A few of you have asked for a link to this XXX. I’ve found the best price online here. Add a link sticker. Then go one step further and DM the story to the brand re-introducing yourself and saying how much you loved it and that you thought they might want to see this content you made.

STEP 3. After all those stories have gone live and expired go through your story archives and screenshot the content & analytics and any DM’s you had from the post. This is your social proof and it’s what you are going to share with the brand (via a google folder) when you follow up with ideas for working together.

This is the SMART way aspiring influencers make new brand relationships and turn gifted collabs into long term paying relationships. 

It also shows that you are running a legit business, with a chargeable skill set and if they want to pursue a commercial relationship with you it comes with a price 💰.

I know it might be scary to ask brands for payment but trust me when I say you can get paid good money, especially when you know how to objectively negotiate your value.

And that’s exactly why inside The Influencer Business Academy’s you’ll get access to an entire module on how to negotiate massive 4 and 5 figure collabs. 

It will take your from…

  • Struggling to move away from low paid offers ➡️ getting paid your worth for your time and skills
  • Getting ghosted by brands after sending your rates ➡️ to understanding how to effectively adapt the brief to suit the brands budget so you don’t lose the job
  • Working on sh*t briefs from difficult clients and low fees ➡️  Objectively pitching to dream clients and getting the immediate YES replies you’ve always wanted

Ooops! I’ve already said too much!  

But now you know that I didn’t come to play. The Influencer Business Academy is literally your backstage pass to making a full-time income from brand partnerships 😉

This framework contains the strategies I used to quickly triple my 9-5 income in my second month of being a fulltime influencer- through paid brand collaborations. 

My goal is to inspire you and to hand you (on a platinum platter) my real-life tested strategies so you can *proudly* say that you’ve landed a dream career – except it’s one that you’ve built yourself. 

So even if you have 0 clue how to stand out and monetise a small audience…

…in 90 days you’ll be on track to living out your dream of being a full time influencer (if you aren’t already!) with brands lining up to work with you. 💃 

Excited, (NAME)?

I certainly am!

To negotiating your worth🥂,


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