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Adorning the body with metals and precious jewels is more than fashion. For me, Jewellery is personality. It is a tiny window into the different inflections of who I am, my choices, my feelings, my taste…MY JEWELLERY STYLE & PERSONALITY MY JEWELLERY STYLE & PERSONALITY

For thousands of years human beings have decorated themselves to visually declare who they are and where they have come from. Although I buy into fast fashion jewellery; big 80’s style gold tone hoops, red fabric and enamel tassel earrings, a velvet choker for the neck, it’s the pieces that I wear everyday no matter what outfit I have on or where I am going, that define me. Without these tiny decorations I feel undressed and incomplete.

MY JEWELLERY STYLE & PERSONALITYMy jewellery personality

I have always favoured an eclectic look when choosing my jewels. I like things that make a statement for themselves; whether that be a simple band of metal, a sparkling chandelier earring with extravagant architecture or a kitsch horseshoe ring. This allows me to mix things and layer up; it doesn’t clash because it’s all unmatched.

Jewel Street, an online jewellery boutique with an amazing array of pieces (600 designers!) to suit every taste is my new fav place to shop for my jewellery. I also love that they have a concierge “chat” service on site so if you need help with suggestions when shopping for that special piece they are on hand. They have everything from minimalist silver pieces to extravagant diamond adorned pieces.


I love a jewellery trend. My jewellery box is stacked with hoops right now in all sizes and metals. Last year I must have purchased around 15 chokers. The year before it was stacking rings. Fast jewellery is amazing because it lets you experiment with different styles in a fun and frivolous way without breaking the bank. I’m never going to buy £300 tassel earrings, but I’m wearing the £7.99 H&M ones to death right now and they probably wont see it into 2018.

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Unlike a love affair with a person, a love affair with your jewellery box will never let you down. Your diamonds will continue to dazzle, entertain and seduce you for as long as you keep them in your life. This sentiment came to me in my mid 20’s when, after a few gifts of precious jewellery from my parents, I realised how pleasing it was to have and hold sentimental pieces of jewellery.


In these images I am wearing a selection of pieces that I feel accurately reflects my own jewellery taste right now. On my finger is my most precious piece of jewellery; a solid gold horseshoe ring encrusted with diamonds. I got this for Christmas last year and the reason it is so precious is because my mum had a ring custom made (by Clifton Rocks) from jewellery belonging to her and my late nan’s gold and diamonds. My sisters and I all received one. I wear it a lot and you may have noticed it on my social media. On my right middle finger is a vintage Silver Fede ring I bought from a carboot two years ago. It signified friendship and shows two hands holding.


On my wrist is my Starburst CZ bangle by Kenneth Lane from I am obsessed with celestial inspired everything right now and have been buying a lot of fast fashion pieces with moons and stars on them. I decided I liked the trend enough to get this bangle, which is a real statement piece. This design is influenced by the Art Deco movement, one of my favourite periods, but still feels really modern. See the Starburst bangle here online.


Around my neck is a special piece of fragrance jewellery. This is a Geo-Gem Y necklace with an Aqua Jade stone by Lisa Hoffamn, also from I didn’t know about fragrance jewellery until I saw this. Lisa Hoffman, from Los Angeles, creates jewellery that you can place scent into. Again, the design is reflective of the art deco period even though it is a contemporary piece. See it on site here.


In my ears are dainty silver hoops, my favourite earring to wear now. I wear these most days for ease. JewelStreet have an array of easy hoops to wear day to day you can look at here. Sat just above the hoops is my new love, ear cuffs. Check out a selection here. These are easy to slip on and off and are so much more wearable than the ear jacket trend.

As you can see my jewellery taste ranges from simple to statement and makes an eclectic mix of styles that come together to make my own unique jewellery personality.

What does jewellery mean to you? Do you not wear any? Is jewellery an indulgent or frivolous purchase for you? I’d love to hear you thoughts below.

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