A Rickety Recovery

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Hey everyone ♀ and Happy December!

My 1 week off Instagram for Covid recovery turned into 2 weeks and then almost 4. Firstly, thanks for all the lovely messages I received during my hiatus from social. It’s means a lot 🙂 When I said goodbye for what I thought would be 7 days I had no idea I would still be feeling the effects of Covid 5 weeks later. This is a very nasty and sneaky little virus.

A week after testing positive I started to feel a lot better. I ramped up my working hours again, drank a glass of wine & danced around the kitchen a few times. Revelling in the fact I had my energy back, I even dabbled in a little Pilates. I was in for a shock when a few days later I felt just as shit as I did when first tested positive. Muscles aches, pressure in my face and sinuses, headaches and chronic fatigue that I couldn’t shift. I’ve spoken to a lot of people (Holistic practitioners & patients alike) and this experience with Covid for someone young and healthy like me is NOT abnormal.

The physical affects have been hard and as a result I’ve had to slow down my output (which has implications on my business, obviously) but more than that, the strain I’ve felt having to admit defeat and concede to a slower pace is f*cking frustrating. The virus is long gone but has left its mark. I’ve cried several tears of frustration over the last month when my body gives up for the day and the brain fog crawls in.

My To-Do lists are always far from finished. I can’t remember what it’s like to not feeling hungover in the morning even though I haven’t had a drink for weeks. Even cooking and putting a wash on can be too much sometimes and I need to sit down and be still for a while, let my body and brain re-calibrate. IT’S BORING. But I’m telling you because I show up on Instagram to tell my story. I’m certainly not the first person this has happened to and I won’t be the last, but I HOPE the next person won’t be you. Just because a vaccine is around the corner doesn’t mean we should be relaxing our personal health and safety standards. 

PRE Covid I believed 2020 had been one of the biggest life lessons for us all. A real chance to take a look at ourselves and how we live our lives, and an opportunity to make it better. I see that people are divided. Left either angry and scared or enlightened and compassionate – maybe a bit of both? I never thought I’d be knocked off my feet so much from Covid. I assumed I’d have flu like symptoms and then move on. What was naive was assuming I could go back to normal so soon after the symptoms had left, only to be reminded that this recovery will be longer than I thought.

I’m not sure how I’ll feel in a few months but my heart goes out to all the young folk who are the “long-haulers”. The disability-like effects Covid has had on so many young and healthy people is dramatic. One of my best friends’ life was greatly changed from her diagnosis in March and its effects continue today (Anna has been a great source of knowledge and assurance to me as I recover – thank you). Everyone’s experience is different but if you do test positive, give yourself the guilt free allowance of unending, uninterrupted Covid recovery.

I was unaware I had coronavirus and worked through it all, jumping back into a normal routine 1 week after. This is why I am still suffering 5 weeks later. Nate slept solidly through the virus and took all the time he needed off work and is in a much better place than me. (Don’t be a hero!) That is my strongest advice. 

Anyway, it’s good to be back even if it’s not full speed yet! See you on stories x

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