Unlocking New Revenue Streams: 3 secret ways to increase your brand collab fees

| Creator Economy

When it comes to brand collaborations, it’s easy to focus solely on the fee being offered. Most influencers new to monetisation feel so grateful they’ve even been offered cash money instead of free product that saying YES to the first offer is a knee jerk reaction. But what if I told you savvy influencers who bring home 4 and 5 figure deals every month know that there’s so much more to consider. 

FACT: The first offer that lands in your inbox may not always be the best one to accept. The art of negotiation says that someone will always make their opening offer much lower than their maximum – it’s called anchoring. In fact, there are three easy ways that can significantly boost, double or triple your earnings on a brand collab deal. In this post, I’ll be walking you through these simple yet game-changing strategies and show you how to maximise your brand collab income potential.

Harness the Power of Usage Rights:

Have you ever wondered what happens to your content after a brand collaboration ends? I get super sad when I think of all the beaut content that ends up in the Instagram graveyard 🥲 – never to be appreciated again! Brands are starting to feel this too and are looking to licensing creators’ content more and more in order to increase the lifespan of an ad and target their customers better.

As the creator negotiating usage rights, you can continue to monetise your work long after the initial partnership. Imagine your photos or videos being licensed for use in advertisements, social media campaigns, or even print media. This passive income stream can provide a steady flow of revenue, giving you more financial freedom as an influencer. Don;t sleep on this and always as the brand if they want usage rights!

Supercharge Your Revenue with Upsells & Cross Sells:

Collaborations shouldn’t stop at a single social media post. Take advantage of a brand collab opp and leverage upsells and cross sells. If you’re promoting a product or service in an AD, consider offering additional reach and exposure to brands by cross promoting or posting the content on your other channels. I always offer a repost at 50% off normal rate because 1. The content is already made and it’s no extra work for me and 2. They love that you are giving such a generous discount. By enticing them with irresistible upsells and cross platform promos, you not only increase your earnings but also provide more value to your loyal community. An upsell opportunity is when you offer extra deliverables to the scope of work in a brand collab justifying why adding extra content will strengthen the results of the campaign! 

The Power of Social Proof in Pitching:

We all know that building credibility and trust is crucial for attracting brand collaborations. One effective way to do this is by incorporating social proof into your pitching strategy. Showcase testimonials from satisfied brand partners and followers alike. Highlight impressive engagement metrics, and demonstrate the impact your content has had on your audience. Even if it’s a little DM from a follower saying how much they loved the product they bought after they saw you using it. This sh*t is so powerful! I actually have a highlight dedicated to social proof from followers whom I’ve influenced as proof of my influence.

By presenting yourself as a sought-after influencer with a track record of success, you’ll stand out from the competition and attract more lucrative partnership opportunities.

As an influencer, diversifying your income streams is essential for long-term success so I am always teaching my students to think outside the initial opening offer from a brand. By exploring these three strategies – harnessing usage rights, implementing upsells and cross sells, and leveraging social proof in your pitching – you can unlock new levels of earning potential.

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