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Are you an aspiring influencer  looking to make 2023 the year that you increase your brand partnership revenue by…. A LOT but have found the first few months of the year to be like a lukewarm bath of crickets?

Do not fear my fellow co-creator! Although brand coffers are empty right now after exhausting all budgets in December 2022 – we are a mere week away from April which brings with it the promise of warmer weather and refreshed influencer marketing budgets of the financial new year.

As we know the best way to monetise your influence is through brand partnerships. However, navigating the world of brand collaborations can be tough, especially when balancing your vision, creative output with your busine$$ goals. 

I am sharing some of the strategies my influencer students and talent and I implement to boost interest from brands and increase our revenue goals.

Update that media kit

Everyday more and more people decide they want to give content creation a go. SO it’s essential that you stand out from the rest of the pack. With brands getting pickier by the day due to the ever expanding pool of talent, you need to show them why YOU are the answer to their influencer marketing goals!

Your media kit is your ticket to success when you first start a conversation with a brand. Here is where you show off your skills, your unique take on the world through your content output, and why brands should be lining up to work with you. So, don’t skimp on the important details that give your profile colour. Make sure it’s professional, to the point, visually stunning, and includes all the info that brands are going to want to see.

Only use high-quality images of your best work, including your demographics and social stats, and text that highlights your skills, style and USP. Refresh your stats if they are more than 3 months old. Also, update your client list and if you didn’t already, get your refreshed 2023 rates there too.

Good media kits open doors!

Refresh your influencer-follower relationships!

You are NOTHING without your community but if the winter months saw you withdraw from daily engagement then back at it sista! 

Catching the eye of those big brand names isn’t  just about creating top-notch content that speaks to their values. It’s also about building a strong, loyal following that’s invested in you and your work. Brands look for this evidence not just in your demographics but in the examples of community on your profile. 

So, how do you do it? Let me give you a few pointers. First off, make sure you’re engaging with your followers meaningfully. Respond to their comments and messages, show them you care, and let them know you value their input. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

Secondly, let them in on the magic. Create stories and Q&A’s that give them a chance to interact with you and your world, making them a part of it all. Show behind-the-scenes of your life and creative process and ALWAYS answer their questions. It’ll make them feel like part of the team.

Thirdly, get interactive. Use gamification ie; polls, quizzes, or surveys to get your followers involved and invested in your brand.

And lastly, audiences love to see other influencers. Not only does it expand your reach but it introduces them to people in your network. All this will boost engagement and build community.

Show your unique value 

Your value proposition as an influencer has never been so important! Brands want to see that the talent they pay brings value to their audience in every post. Getting intentional about what your content gives your followers is key! And don’t forget that it’s what makes you unique, your personal view of the world, that creates powerful influence.

But it’s not just about the impact – it’s also about getting that bread, honey. By negotiating longer-term contracts with your ideal brands, you’ll be showing them that you’re in it for the long haul. And that means they’ll see even greater value in working with you. Long term contracts are a win-win for both brand and influencer and are easier to lock in when it’s clear you’re invested and bring value to a partnership. Don’t worry about dropping your rates when negotiating a long term contract, it’s a good incentive.

Define your Influencer brand identity 

Crafting a strong personal brand is crucial for creators who want to succeed in today’s competitive market. By remaining authentic to your values and style, and showcasing your best work consistently, you can establish a personal brand that resonates with your audience and attracts the right brand partnerships.

Asking yourself some key questions around who you are, what beliefs and values you hold and how you want to make your followers feel when they see your content can move your content from cute and inspirational to influential, scroll stopping, life changing stuff!

I have a whole module (Building a stand out digital brand) dedicated to this in The Influencer Business Academy and feedback from students has been that it’s been one of the most useful, game changing  and eye opening modules so far!

Ask for help 

It can be difficult asking for help sometimes, especially as an influencer when we know our brand the best, it is after all, your life online…However mentors and coaches are extra eyes on you creator activities that can see objectively where you might be going wrong and how to navigate the blocks you are stumbling over time and time again and get some strategy in place so you’re landing more brand deals.. As a coach I’ve been there, done that and come out the otherside. I’ve also helped others overcome your very same challenges.

If you want to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be ASAP then learning from someone who is 10 steps ahead of you can fast track you to success by helping you strategically navigate your way 

Due to a flurry of requests from my audience I have brought back my 1:1 coaching calls – but spaces are limited. If you need some personalised support and guidance to help you build a strong influencer brand,optimise your media kits, teach you how to negotiate with brands,  improve your content, and land well-paid brand partnerships then get in touch!

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