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It’s National Smile month and seeing as I haven’t whitened my teeth in 7 years I felt like it was time I gave them some TLC! Most of my friends whitened their teeth at some point or another and it’s always a really popular topic of conversation surrounding what everyone uses and what gives the best results.

When I was younger (early 20’s) I was a fan of Crest Whitening strips but they always made my teeth super sensitive. This time around I decided to opt for a kit that was as safe and gentle as it was effective.

As a Blogger many many many teeth whitening brands approach you. Everyone wants nice pearly whites at the end of the day so it’s unsurprising that so many brands out there trying to get you to buy their products.

After quite a bit of research I opted to use iWhite Advanced Gift Box because it had everything in it to ensure maximum results however you can buy every single product in the kit individually.

In the kit

1 x iWhite Instant teeth Whitening Kit

1 x iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste  & Toothbrush

1 x iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash

1 x iWhite Tooth Polisher with Polish

1 x iWhite Floss

 My Results

Never have I tried a 4-pronged approach to whitening my teeth but I like that I could do this because I found in the past whitening strip don’t always reach the inner most parts of the tooth, where most of the discolouration tends to be. It almost meant I’d be done with my treatment in 5 days. It might also be worth noting here that I am also a daily black coffee drinker and enjoy red wine so I liked that I had a batch of maintenance product to use for the coming month.

As you can see from my results my teeth have visibly brightened. I’m really happy with the result and glad I did it because it wasn’t until I saw these photos side by side that I realised how discoloured and dull the colour of my teeth had gotten.

I’m also really happy that I had no sensitivity using the kit too, which is what I’ve had every time I’ve used other kits.

NB: These photos were taken at the same time of day using the same camera in the same location for continuity purposes.

To see the kit in action you can watch my video about for a 1-minute overview of what I used and the results.

All the products are available here.

To see some more results from other user you can check out the instagram page here.


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with iWhite however all thoughts are results are mine.

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