How To Get Invited To Your First Influencer Brand Event

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Ever wonder how some creators seem to get exclusive invites to the most happening brand events and yet you can’t even get a brand to reply to a DM? Well, it’s not just about luck or having a huge following. It’s about strategy, visibility, and all important personal branding I keep banging on about.

In this blog post I’m revealing my proven networking strategy I use to get your name on those coveted PR event guest lists so you can start building your brand relationship asap!

But before we dive in I want to touch on why it’s super important to get invites to events when you are building your influencer brand.

The main one is visibility of course. When you first start out nobody knows who the F you are – sorry but it’s a fact. Brand events are a great way to not just kickstart brand relationships but also a great way to meet other influencers who you can tag team at other events with brands you were dying to get a shoe in with. 

The second one is that you get free products to create content with. This is super helpful in the early days when you want to keep overheads low.

And finally, the most important one, attending brand events gives you the inside scoop on how the brand likes to work with influencers and ask about what upcoming campaigns they have in the pipeline so you’re front of mind when they are ready to cast for their paid campaigns. 

Now, let’s move onto the steps you need to take to secure those coveted PR brand event invites:

1. Build a Strong Online Presence

It goes without saying that if you want to get invited to events your profile needs to look sh*t hot and professional because brands will check out your feed before sending an invite. Consistently post high-quality content that aligns with your niche. This helps brands see you as a potential ambassador who can authentically represent their products.

2. Engage with Brands Genuinely

Start by engaging with brands you genuinely love. Comment on their posts, share their content, and make your presence known in a non-spammy way.

Show them how you’re already integrating their products into your lifestyle. Brands are more likely to invite someone who’s a natural fit for their image.

3. Tag along with an influencer buddy

Pairing up with fellow influencers who are already on the brand’s radar is pretty much a guarantee you’re going to secure a spot on their next invite list (just make sure you are creating content at the event). 

Offer to help your influencer friend with content creation at the event or ask if they need company, using it as an opportunity to network with the brand team.

4. Create Organic Content for Brands

Start by organically promoting brands you love. Post content, tag them, and show how you’re already a fan. This approach is PR gold, making you an attractive prospect for event invites.

It also showcases your genuine interest and engagement with their products can set you apart from others who are just looking for freebies.

5. Do Your Own Personal PR

Go beyond organic content. Email or DM brands showcasing your blog posts, reels, or story reviews about their products. Share any positive results or engagement metrics from your content. I did this relentlessly before in the months leading up to going full time to make sure everyone knew who I was and what I could do!

This proactive approach gets you noticed beyond the usual tagged content.

6. Stalk Other Influencers

Keep an eye on what events other influencers in your niche are attending. Compliment the brand on the event and express your interest in attending future ones.

Showing that you’re well-informed about the industry demonstrates your dedication and passion.

7. Be Ready for Last-Minute Invites

Regularly check your emails and DMs. Brands sometimes send out last-minute invites, and being quick to respond can secure you a spot at their event.

8. Just Ask

Don’t hesitate to email brands directly. Introduce yourself, share your enthusiasm for their brand, and express your interest in attending their events. Highlight how your presence can add value to their event.

Brands appreciate influencers who take the initiative and show a genuine interest in building a relationship.

You can see here that my strategy for new influencers to get brand event invites is about being proactive, genuine, and engaged with the brands you love. 

Implement these strategies, and you’ll find yourself networking with industry insiders in no time. And remember, each event is a stepping stone to building your career as an influencer.

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 Don’t just dream about attending brand events; make it a reality with the right approach and tools at your disposal!