A New Creators Guide to Creating An Online Personal Brand

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In the wild west of the creator economy, your personal brand is your absolute super power! And there’s a lot of chat in the online space about personal branding and how NEEDED it is when you’re an aspiring creator – however nobody is really telling you why or how to actually build one!

Let’s change that!

First up, you’ll want to get clear on your personal branding as soon as you begin and it isn’t something you should forget about until you’ve got a few more followers either.

Having a strong personal brand is essential as a newbie influencer as it can be the difference between being just another instagram account and a powerhouse influencer brand than monetises early on in the game.

So, let’s dive into why a strong brand identity is essential and how you can develop one that resonates with your followers and captivates brands attentions!

Why Strong Brand Identity Matters in Today’s Creator Economy

In an ocean of content creators, your brand identity is the lighthouse guiding followers to your shore. It’s what makes you memorable, helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level, and ultimately, what sets you apart from the crowd – particularly important if you are creating in a popular niche!

But your personal brand is more than just a visual aesthetic; it’s the essence of who you are and what you represent.

Things to Think About When Building Your Personal Brand

Creating a brand that truly reflects you involves introspection and creativity.

Action: Grab a notepad and pen and makes some notes on the following:

Tone of Voice: Your communication style is pivotal. Are you quirky, serious, inspirational, or witty? Your tone of voice should reflect your personality and resonate with your audience. This comes through in your written and spoken content!

Personal Ethics & Values: What do you stand for? Influencers gain traction not just by what they share but by what they actually believe in. Your values are the compass that guides your content and partnerships and helps your audience relate to you as true fans, not just passing followers.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What’s your special sauce? Everybody has one! Even when talking about the same products as others, your unique perspective is what draws your audience to you. So embracing your uniqueness as a thread through your content is pivotal!

Impact on Your Audience: Good content makes us *feel* something. So, consider how you want your content to make your audience feel when they see it. Whether it’s empowerment, joy, or motivation, your content should evoke emotions that align with your brand identity.

Typography, Colors, & Edits: A cohesive visual style helps in making your content instantly recognisable in the feed. This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, but having a consistent look and feel to your content helps build a strong visual identity. Don’t over think it though! Just a few key tones, post formats and fonts on repetition make a big difference.

Avoiding the Chaos: Why Consistency is Key

A chaotic feed can be a major turn-off for potential followers and brands. It lacks the cohesiveness that tells a compelling story and is hard to know what you’re offering them when they see your content.

Thumbnails on reels, consistent editing styles, and colour schemes help create a visually appealing feed that captures and retains attention.

But listen, when we get started as creators it’s normal to be playing around and finding a style that suits your fledgling influencer brand. However, if you want to seriously grow and monetise your social media it’s time to settle on the points made above and commit if you want to grow fast and appear professional to brands.

Take a moment to reflect: Who are you as an influencer? What do you wish to share with the world? This introspection is a crucial step in developing a brand that’s authentic and true to you.

Remember, your influencer brand is an ongoing journey. It’s about evolving and refining as you grow.

But i’ve seen it a million times iwth my students and clients that spend too long deciding whow they want to “appear” online that it holds them back. so make a decision and COMMIT!

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