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IMG_1238This is my first blog off the back of London Fashion Week and there is one beauty trend that could not be ignored! This season the catwalks were awash with colour-tinted locks.

The allure of crazy colour washes first reared it’s techni-coloured head when I was at uni. The launch of Bleach London had just happened and was taking East London by storm. My housemates and I had to be part of the rainbow gang but unfortunately our student loans wouldn’t stretch to a £100 salon session. We took matters into our own hands and stocked up on crazy colours and vats of conditioner to mix it with.


4 years on and it looks like the fashion crowd are still being seduced by this colourful hair trend. So if a mauve rinse (ala Kelly) or sea green tinge (ala Kylie) is something you’ve been considering for a while, now might be the time to (semi)commit – READ ON!IMG_1241This London Fashion Week (ss15) Wella Professionals launches its Instamatic by Colour Touch; a range of semi permanent pastel colour washes in salons across the UK. I got a chance to try out the salon service and report back to you guys!

This week the team were stationed down at Premier Models HQ in London offering the public the chance to come in and get a colourful new do. There are 6 dreamy, pastel shades to choose from but the technicians can mix them together to create you a unique colour as well.IMG_1243The colours on offer are beautifully soft, almost like an Instagram filter for your hair. This is a lovely, non-permanent and affordable way to give your normal hair colour a lift by infusing a subtle hue of colour.

Clear Dust for a subtle matte gloss finish

Pink Dream for a pastel feminine blush

Muted Mauve for a violet tint

Jaded Mint for a fresh hue

Ocean Storm for a sultry haze

Smokey Amethyst for a smouldering tonal effect

IMG_1266IMG_1271I opted for woven highlights though my mid-lengths and ends using Jaded Mint, Ocean Storm and a combo of the two, let’s call it Ocean Mint.

The semi permanent colours won’t damage your hair and have a life span (depending on your hair quality/colour) from 6-12 washes. You can opt for a woven/highlight service like me or have an all over rinse. This party isn’t reserved for blondes either; there were brunettes and red heads all having rinses as well.wella 2


I am wearing Limecrime Liquid Lipstick in Wicked and Zara Tshirt.

Instamatic will be available in all salons using Wella products from September 2014. Prices start from £15. For more information go here.


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  1. Hmmmm not sure, about the colour tbh but may just be the lighting. You would look beautiful with any colour in your hair but I think others would compliment your skin tone more than this one, let me colour your hair next time, I am interested to see how it lasts 🙂 xx

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