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It was a night of teenage indulgence, buckets of popcorn, fruity cocktails, cake pops and a private showing of Grease (appropriate choice of film title) was all in a night’s work for the beauty bloggers who gathered this week at the stylish Ham Hotel basement bar for what was one of the best launches I’ve ever attended.

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The ladies from Vichy gave us a night to remember in honour of the new addition to their NormaDerm (anti imperfection) range. Night Detox is a sebum controlling and absorbing night cream used to combat the dirty, greasy feeling you get after a night of slumber.

Night Detox contains a list of detoxing ingredients including: Eperuline, LA, Salicylic acid and H.E.P.E.S (an exfoliating agent like S.A). The purifying element is perlite which can hold up to 5 times its weight in sebum! Used with the Normaderm Hydrating Care day cream the following morning, the products promise to control not only sebum production in the night time but also that mid-day shiny forehead look.

I am no stranger to an episode of the mid day forehead shine, you can be sat at your desk pondering your lunch choice when a glimpse in your iPhone screen has you reaching for the mattefying powder pronto.

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Keen to put the products through their paces I arrived home with Grease Lightening on repeat in my head. I cleansed with their bestselling Vichy Cleansing purifying gel followed by Vichy Night Detox and went to bed.

The next morning I awoke with Grease lightening still in my head but thankfully not on my face. My face felt soft and a little velvety like I had primed it, I would guess this was the perlite sitting on my skin loaded with the nights grime and shine. On closer inspection I noticed my pores were smaller too. I washed my face and applied Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care day cream followed by my makeup.

12pm came and went and I had appeared to have dodged the 12pm forehead slick. However at 3pm there were signs that my T-zone could have done with a little touch up.

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I think this is a great product for the skin types that sit firmly in the oily skin category. This product does what it says and will help abate the oiliness that skin produces in the night and control oil that appears throughout the day, for sure.

For those who have combination skin I would recommend using this product along with an eye cream or just applied to your t zone/oily areas otherwise your skin may feel under hydrated the following morning.

I would not recommend this product for dry skin sufferers who are experiencing hormonal or random bouts of oiliness or breakouts.


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