The Perfect Brown Lip: 3 ways

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With 90’s fashions being recycled it’s to be expected that we take another look at the beauty trends from that barely retro decade as well!

Brown lipstick is another awesome neutral lippie that shouldn’t be over looked. It adds an air of sophisticated chic with a edge of, well, edginess. There are a whole spectrum of tones to explore with more than one shade suiting everybody, you should definitely get involved.

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Before I go onto show 3 of my favourite Brown Lip Looks, I wanted to look at some of the brown-lipped influencers of the 90’s. Drew Barrymore was the queen of brown lip, rarely seen in the early 90’s without her fluffy blow dry, over sized blazers and chocolate smile. Other babes sporting the brown lip were Jennifer Aniston when she rocked “the Rachel” hair cut and Liv Tyler circa her indie film, jail bait era.

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The Brown Nude

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Okay guys, I’ll start you off easy. This is a look to suit everyone. It’s totally understated and you could question wether or not this was a nude and not a brown lip, maybe a brude..(?) Anyway, I used a nifty little liner I got free in this months Glamour Magazine, Model Co Illusion Nude Lip Liner (free). This liner is made for any skin type and is supposed to create the illusion of fuller lips. Use it to trace around the outside of your pout, then fill in generously with Guerlain’s Rouge Automatic in shade 103 Chant D’Aromes, (£22.50 at Escentual). I have been keen to get my hands on one of these cult lipsticks for while and this one didn’t disappoint! The flexible wearing formula is creamy with a hint of ‘crystal pigment’, made for ultimate long-lasting, lip comfort. Try this if you and brown lipsticks are just getting to know each other.

The 90’s Lip

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Back in 1995 Posh Spice rocked this look as often as her teensy, black, Gucci mini dresses. She would often pair it with a little gloss but today I am modernising it a little by using a lipstick with a creamy finish so we can go sans gloss.

The trick to nailing this look is having your liner a bit darker and a slightly different tone to the lipstick. I used MAC’s lip pencil in Mahogany, (£12) which is a warm but deep pinky brown colour but still highly pigmented. Apply this liner first, maybe a little stronger than you would usually. Unlike most lipstick applications you don’t want to lose the liner beneath the lipstick. You will now look like Kim Mathers, Eminiems ex, don’t panic, once you apply the lipstick all will come together. For the lips I used MAC’s Amplified in Double Shot (£15). I scoured the shelves for hours trying to find the right shade and I just love wearing this colour! The silky texture of the Amplified lipsticks means you get a nice youthful, dewy finish.

The Matte Lip

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Matte lips are everywhere right now so let’s take two trends and knock em together! No new kit here guys; I used the Models Co nude liner from the first lip with the MAC Double Shot Lipstick from the second lip. Now for the matte part. I figured out that if you take a little light translucent powder and dab it onto the lips after applying your creamy lipstick it will mattify your lipstick, completely. Try it with any of your lipsticks that have a slight gloss finish to them. I used my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil powder, (£20) and applied with a tapered brush.

The Kit


Final Tip: Match your brown lipstick with other neutral makeup shades in the brown and beige palette for a very on-trend 90’s face.



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