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A masterpiece of tailoring.
A citrus cologne, with architecture far more formal,
crisp and aristocratic than a simple white shirt.
The setting is Blenheim.
Imposing, immutable, indeed a national treasure,
we are at the home of the Duke of Marlborough.
He for whom this bespoke scent was first made.

Penhaligon’s has always intrigued me as a perfume brand (read my write up of Juniper Sling here). Blenheim Bouquet is another perfect example of one of their scents that manages to maintain the unmistakable time-capsule element that Penhaligon’s is known for whilst being a modern scent choice for the discerning woman as well, what I imagine to be, an intriguing and attractive manPENHALIGON'S BLENHEIM BOUQUET: FOR MEN & WOMENPENHALIGON'S BLENHEIM BOUQUET: FOR MEN & WOMENPENHALIGON'S BLENHEIM BOUQUET: FOR MEN & WOMEN

Blenheim Bouquet was created by Mr Penhaligon for the Duke of Marlborough in 1902 and named after Blenheim Palace. It opens with a great mix of fresh citrus, black pepper and lighter woody notes. Oddly enough this fragrance has no heart notes. This is something I have never comes across! On the dry down the lavender and musk come through as the intensity of the citrus dwindles away.

The main problem I found with scent was the longevity and projection, you need a little more than a few spritz’ to have it last the day.

Although favoured by gentleman during the 20th century in 2017 this is a perfectly gender-neutral scent of fresh citrus peel and woody plants.

Top Notes

Lemon, Lime and Lavender

Heart Notes


Base Notes

Vetiver, Pine, Musk and Black Pepper

Would you wear what was traditionally a mens fragrance? Does Blenheim Bouquet appeal to you?

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