Flawless Future: Elizabeth Arden launches their first 20’s Anti-Ageing Range

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On a typically sweltering London evening in July, the ones we have grown accustomed too of late, I strode to Kettners in Piccadilly. Here was to be the location where Elizabeth Arden, the legendary 100 year old brand, was to launch a completely new category for their brand.

20140803-205518-75318049.jpgFlawless Future is Elizabeth Arden’s first foray into 20-something targeted anti-ageing skincare. The facts presented to us tell a story of the busy, mid to late 20’s woman who has or is at least is trying to “have it all”. We are climbing the career ladders, finally making some headway in the workplace, courting a vibrant social life and above all, the pressure to find a mate or start a family maybe suddenly be creeping into view. WE are a stressed out generation and as that stats go we are stressed at least 3.5 days of the week. With the S word being the second leading cause of ageing it’s about time Elizabeth Arden offered us stressheads something to remedy the on-set of wrinkles.

How to know if your skin is suffering from your stress: uneven texture, blotchy tone, redness, dullness and fine lines…


The Science

  1. Flawless Future extends from their Ceramide range, patented 25 years ago. Ceramides are the tiny building blocks in the skins epidermis that help plump out the skin surface. As we age these deplete and we lose 38% of them in our 30’s. EA have formulated the Cermide’s identical matrix help to replenish those lost due to chronological ageing and knock on effects of stress.
  2. The added use of Telosense protein stabilises the fraying of skin DNA as stress attacks to enable skin to continue replicating it’s cells and renewing our skin.
  3. Thirdly liquorice is used with Andeosine to soothe irritation and improve skin tone and texture.

Okay, science-y bit over….does it work?


The Kit

Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum, £48, 30ml

This is a really pretty serum to look at, wouldn’t you agree? The tiny pearl caplets dispense when I pump the formula onto my hand leaving a pleasant pearlescent glow which isn’t over powering on the face. The formula absorbs really quickly which leaves me thinking I may not have applied enough. It leaves my skin taught and smooth ready for the moisturiser. There is a definite brightening effect after application as well.


Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Moisture day cream SPF30, £40, 50ml

This cream is thick when dispensed yet considerably lightweight, a little bit goes a long long way. It works harmoniously with the serum and absorbs, again, rather rapidly leaving my skin feeling velvety and smooth. What I enjoy about these two products is how they work perfectly under a face of makeup with no unwanted shine left behind, leaving the face prepped for a flawless application of makeup.

As a french skincare fanatic I am often disappointed by English skincare and the heaviness of the formulations that seem to sit on the skin for ages. My skin drinks up Flawless Future beautifully quickly.

I’m not mad about the fact there is mica in the cream which is a mineral shimmer used in makeup as I prefer skincare to work entirely separately to makeup and I feel this is cheating a “glowing” effect a little bit.

The day cream does smell a tad SPF-y but I can definitely over look over this considering it is a factor 30 PA++ meaning I dont have to apply a separate SPF.


Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Eye Gel, 325, 15ml

This would be my least inspiring choice form the range. When I first tested the product it stung the skin around my eye area which immediately turned me off. I have since tried it again and discovered if i pat on the cream delicately it doesn’t sting but i still feel a little irritation. If you do have very sensitive skin i would test this out before you buy as it didn’t sit well with my sensitivities. After testing I can report that I didn’t see any remarkable difference in my under eye area. I am 26years old and although I am totally stressed out I have yet to experience any under eye wrinkles. Alas, I am not in need of this product, yet.




I would place this range in the needs of somebody with dry and or/ normal combination skin and I would strongly recommend trying before buying if you have sensitive skin.

The serum and face cream work really well together but I was left cold by the eye gel. My hero product would be the easily absorbed, smoothing serum which I find to be the backbone of every flawless, well made up face. I like the day cream a lot too and will continue to use it especially when I am out and about in the city as the SPF30 PA ++ is a great barrier against the elements and it sits nicely beneath makeup. I would also like to point out that although deeply hydrating this product didn’t clog pores or give me break outs. BONUS. This dream team would also be a great post party skin treat to help plump up and brighten dehydrated and tired looking skin after a night of boozing.

*UPDATE* I have now been using the Flawless Future serum and moisturiser every morning for almost a month and my skin looks and feels more taught with a more even texture and tone. I didn’t take to the eye cream so I am using a different eye cream in conjunction with these products. 

This is only the beginning for Flawless Future as I was dropped hints that there is a face wash and night cream to follow shortly.

For those of you who are 8-hour cream addicts or know someone who is i am told that they will be launching an exclusive GOLD packaged version this coming christmas which makes the perfect luxe-pressie.


The Flawless Future collection is available exclusively at Debenhmas 27th July – 10th August, nationwide 15th August.



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