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To shake up the midweek slump I enticed my housemates into having a waxing party this Wednesday past. We  plugged in Elle MacPhersons Hot Wax Epilator, popped the cork on a bottle of icy Prosecco and sat back and waited for the little red light to stop blinking.

Elle MacPherson has a series of devices for pruning and primping ones body in order to achieve the covetable Macpherson “the body” or, at least the best physique one may humanly achieve…

Thinking about hair removal I decided to shake up my shaving routine and this little baby caught my eye. I was lucky enough to get a chance to try it out. It arrived through the post last week so there’s no backing out now!

First Impressions

The device is sold as an Epilator but in my experience epilators tend to be viciously, noisy, mini lawnmowers that yank your leg hair out at different times. No dice. In the kit is a charging mount and plug, 1 x Aloe vera wax cartridge, 50 paper strips, and a protector cap. The waxing cartridge comes with a sticky tape around the opening to stop spillages, once I get this off I slot it into the casing and plug it in to the mains to heat up for 20 mins.


The device took about 25/30 mins to heat up, at this point the little red light stopped blinking signalling the wax was good to go. We did initially struggle with application, it seemed the wax hadn’t warmed enough and was dragging on the skin a little bit resulting in my sister swiftly reaching for her 3rd glass of Prosecco. I stuck it back on its charge for a further 10 mins – this seemed to do the trick. I would also advise popping the device back in its charger between applications so the wax remains at its optimum temperature.

Things got rather sticky after this point. I did my sisters 2 half legs and then she did mine. I was not cut out for this game, doing this to someone else is a job for the professionals. Saying that, once we got the hang of it it was a wax on/wax off frenzy! Jessica did my left leg in under 3 mins with only 3 strips where as I failed miserably taking 25 minutes using 18 strips on her two legs.

As far as pain factor goes, everyone’s tolerance is different. Mine is particular low and I found it much more uncomfortable when I was being waxed as apposed to waxing myself which was a lot more bearable.


The product claims up to 8 sessions of half leg waxing. We only got 2 sets of legs out of the whole kit and despite my enthusiasm with the waxing strips we were still left with half the pack…but no wax. Even if we had been sparing with the wax I still don’t see this product going the 8 session distance, something the brand should re-look at.

The results, however, are really great. I have super silky legs and no irritation which is rare for me as I have sensitive skin.

Would I recommend it? If you are a keen waxer then yes this is a more costs effective option and works out to £15 a leg wax from the first initial buy then each cartridge re-fuel is £14.99 which bring the cost of a waxing session down to £7.50 which is cost effective.


You can buy the Elle Macpherson Hot Wax Epilator here (and Argos, Amazon, Debenhams, House of Fraser, www.lookfantastic.com) for £34.99 and cartridges refills here for £14.99.


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