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DHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-Ageing

FROM WHAT I KNOW SO FAR I’M A BIG FAN OF DHC SKINCARE. About a month ago after dipping my toes into the Korean skincare market and emerging impressed and suitably hydrated I have been actively trying more from the Asian skincare market. Not only am I fascinated by the gimmicky way they produce their skincare but how astoundingly good it actually is.

I tried Japanese skincare brand DHC’s Olive Oil Cleansing oil and found it an incredibly good match for my skin during the cold weather we were having. I’m sort of embarrassed at how long it took me to try the product. Loads of people I new raved about it years ago and I had stubbornly pigeon holed oil cleansers as “not for me”. 

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to review DHC’s newest anti-ageing skincare line, Beauty Lift, which challenged not only my regime but my hardwired skincare beliefs too.

DHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-AgeingDHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-Ageing

What’s it all about

Reading the product description words like “lightweight” have me believe this was an oily combination skin regime, BUT that’s not exactly the case. Asian skincare focuses on the art of layering your products, which makes a hella lotta sense when you see how many products are in this range. It starts to make sense as to why the products are lighter and more fluid than traditional anti ageing regimes.

The collection has a 4-Step process covering all the bases for toning through to night cream. The range is targeted at dehydrated, environmentally damaged skin in need of anti-ageing. The Beauty Lift collection is designed to smooth and give skin an instant ‘lifted’ feel and appearance.  The formula is calming and refreshing and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to use heavy anti-ageing products.

DHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-AgeingDHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-AgeingDHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-AgeingDHC Beauty Lift: Light & Layered Anti-Ageing

The products

There is only one Beauty Lift Cream in the collection and that’s because in Asian beauty, 1 cream is often used for both night and day. This is my favourte product in the line. Why? Because it’s super hydrating but lightweight. I haven’t committed to using it at nighttime yet (having palpitations about relinquishing my heavy-duty Guerlain cream) but it’s a dream for the day and keeps my skin smooth and silky. I can also feel the lifting effect after application which is sort of thrilling.

Beauty Lift Lotion is a hydrating toner, which has been a sort-of revelation to me as of late (more on this in a future post). This preps the skin for moisture. Oat kernel extract provides vital moisture while mevalonolactone ensures the hydration is held in the skin. Ceramide-3 is included to promote barrier strength and pentapeptide-18 improves elasticity and helps minimise expression lines.

Essence is Asian beauty talk for serum. I apply the Essence first and it dries quickly and fairly matte. It contains botanicals and peptides combined with olive oil and it a great skin regime prep.

Beauty Lift Milk is a lightweight, milky-textured moisturizer. This also gives the skin the feeling of being lifted. This product was the one that I could probably do without until I started reaching for it in the day and patting onto areas that needed a bit of moisture (central heating is a bitch). Fine lines are instantly minimised to give a smoother looking complexion.  Key ingredients include pentapeptide-18, mevalonolactone and oat kernel extract which combine for an ultra-hydrating moisturiser


Although I haven’t used the skincare line long enough to talk about its long-term effects, I can say that I almost missed out on this gem of skincare line because I didn’t understand it at first. I’ve been so used to the instant gratification of heavy western skincare and associating words like lightweight and purifying with oily products that I didn’t quite grasp the way these products were meant to work harmoniously together for hydrating yet breathable skincare.

I’d love to recommend just one product from the range but they are part of a daisy chain that works intrinsically together. If you do opt for an Asian skincare regime you might be left wanting if you just buy 1 product. I would also strongly recommend for warmer months only.

I’ve said it before on the blog but my eyes are opening and looking East. This year will be the year of skincare discovery, challenging my beauty knowledge and looking at things differently. This range is good place to start. Watch this space.

Are you tempted to ditch the heavy western products for a more lightweight, multi-pronged skincare regime? Let me know below!

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    Jasmine Harding

    This sounds like a lovely range, I love DHC skincare but haven’t tried much else other than their cleansing oil! Can always trust a skincare recommendation from you so maybe I’ll give these a go!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.com xx

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