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Hands up if you got an amazing tan this summer? Hands up if it’s already pretty much gone? They say a tan is the best souvenir from your holidays, a healthy and glowing affirmation that you have spent some time away, having fun in the sun in a destination that was most likely better than where you are right now.

Nobody is ready to give up the tanned dream just yet, especially not in in early autumn when limbs are still making a defiant appearance beneath the weakening September sunshine.

This blog will HELP because it has a solid round up of my favourite, no-nonsense, hard-core tans than will give you maximum results with minimum bullshit.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan (MOST LUXE)

Vita Liberata is the crème de la crème of tanning brands and is non-toxic and completely organic, for that I love it . It’s my spray tan of choice pre holiday too. The colour is also perfection’ bronzed, natural and strong colour comes from using the medium or dark mousse. Even a really pale person like me can get away with. It has a guide colour for easy application too and goes on smoothly and fades really well.

As the name would suggest this is a very long lasting tan but I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s a 2-week tan, unless you aren’t washing yourself at all.

The only reason it’s not a fav is because it’s quite a smelly one and takes a while to dry. NB don’t sit on any soft furnishings for at least 30 minutes after applying – you will leave a stain behind.

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Tan-Luxe Hydra Mousse (NO STAIN OR TRANSFER TAN)

Tan-Luxe is a newbie tan brand for me and so far I really like it. It falls into the more premium category and the product and packaging is LUXE. The Tan Mousse intrigued me from the beginning because it is completely clear, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t give a beautiful, solid tan that develops in 4-6 hours, that lasts. I really love this product because I have white sheets and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to bin tan stained sheets after 6 months.

There is still a slight whiff of tan as you marinate but the colour is lovely and comes out very evenly even though there was no guide colour when applying. The formula has Glycerine and Aloe to increase skins moisture levels. This means drying time is increased slightly as there is a short “tacky” phase.

Best for an overnight tan marinating as it doesn’t ruin sheets but gives good colour and hydration.

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Xen Tan Fresh Mousse (WINNER)

This is 100% my fav tan mousse ever and this is why. First and foremost it lasts ages and as the “weekly tan” messaging on the bottles suggests you can go 5 washes and barely make a dent in the colour. SOLID.

I also find this tan to be less drying than other mousses. Xen Tan Fresh Mousse also wins first place for the least stinky tan. It is VIRTUALLY odourless when you’re cooking and smells delicious upon application (like grapefruit).

The colour is perfect, no orange just sexy, olive tanned limbs and the colour is strong too. Totally development time is around 3-4 hours and like Tan-Luxe Hydrating mousse the fluffy white mousse means no staining. Ps. they do this tan in INTENSE version too, linked below.


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Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam (THE DARKEST RESULTS)

I am writing this tan into the list because Bondi Sands makes some of the most intensely dark yet natural looking tans on the market. Colour intensity is Bondi Sands strongest category. There is a great guide colour but that’s because it’s SO DAMN loaded with pigment. This stuff makes you DARK but the fact it is so pigment rich is also its downfall. Out of all the tans on my list this one became patchy the fastest. I assume this is because of the level of pigment it has in it so the fade is not that even.

Great for dark, instantly tanned limbs, not great for an even fade.

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Model Co One Hour Tan Mousse (BEST DRUGSTORE)

One Hour Tan Mousse is a great tanning product and also my top choice for a drugstore tanning mousse. It works fast and gives you a wash off guide to show you how long you to keep on the tan based on what level of tan you require.

Choose between a light sun-kissed glow (1 hour wash off) a bronze glow (2 hours wash off) to a dark tan (3 hours wash off). For a deeper, darker result  – wait 3 hours or more.

It has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to allow for ease of application and to condition and protect the skin. It’s also quick drying. For a drugstore product this one is damn good.

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May your tan livelong and proper into autumn! HAPPY TANNING!

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